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Spiritual AF Santa Cruz Weekend Retreat

OK! We’re doing this! This weekend will be the ultimate crash course in all things Spiritual AF. Roxan is going to share the tools she developed over decades helping hundreds of people change their lives for the better.

Topics we’ll cover:

Motivation (How the fuck do you keep it when life is so difficult sometimes?!)

Integrity (How to not take yourself so seriously but also have everything have deeper meaning?)

Meditation (It works and you won’t suck at it when you leave this workshop.)

Self-Love (Holy crap it can be difficult but there’s some ways to actually, really, like for real, do it and not have it feel like spraying glitter on a turd.)

Make It Happen (This is manifesting/positive thinking/visualizing but for people with discernment and an intense inner critic.)

What won’t happen at this retreat:

-Get to know you games.

-Forced eye gazing of any kind.

-Role playing.

-Group hand holding, chanting, moaning, or interpretive dancing.

-Any activities in which you are expected to embarrass yourself in order to have a transformative experience.

What the retreat includes:

All instruction from Roxan McDonald in a beautiful mountain estate in Soquel, CA.

Five organic, vegan, gluten-free meals prepared by an ayurvedic chef. Super yummy hippie food!! (Friday dinner. Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner. Sunday brunch.) Plus snacks! Because snacks rule!

Group sleeping quarters for 8 participants. This place is beautiful and very nice but think of this option as a slumber party and not a luxury resort (even though it looks like one).

Who should come:

-Anyone wanting to deepen their experience of personal development, recovery of all sorts and applied spiritual growth.

-Are you counselor, therapist, leader? Do you need fresh ideas for group counseling sessions or meetings? You’ll get that.

-Anyone who is interested in personal development but is averse to a lot of the woo woo stuff. (This is woo woo but presented in a less woo woo package so grumpy people can have some too.)

-Anyone who loves the Spiritual AF Instagram and Facebook pages and want more of that type of direction in your life.

-Anyone who wants to have fun, work on themselves and likes the idea of doing that in a beautiful place with a group of other people.

-All genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Who shouldn’t come:

-Regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation do not come to this retreat trying to get laid.

-Absolutely bring your trauma and your big feelings but if you’re not at a place where you can self-soothe (ie; sit in the garden for a minute and cry it out) this isn’t the retreat for you. We’re going to move fast and be covering a lot of material and won’t be digging that deep into any one person’s issues at this retreat.

-OK. you can be kind of a grumpy asshole about this stuff and come to this but if you really just wanna argue about how none of this stuff works or is real, this isn’t the place for you. (The comments section on the internet is way cheaper than hauling your ass up this mountain.)


When: Friday, April 5, 2019 5:00pm-Sunday, April 7, 2019 2:00pm

Where: Soquel, California (Santa Cruz Mountains 2 miles from Hwy 1)

Cost: Sleepovers $777 (group accommodations) Day Trippers: $666 (All workshops and food but sleeping elsewhere.)

Later Event: September 27
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